Partner with Future Finance

  • Are you a university looking to help your students?

  • Would you like to know how many of your students already apply to Future Finance?

  • Would you like to make these loans cheaper for your students? Then partner with us!

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Why Future Finance wants to partner with universities

We like university partners for one simple reason: if we can reach students through their university, we can pass on the savings in marketing costs to the students. On average, the students who find us through their universities save £360 in fees on their student loan as compared to students who come to us through other channels.

It’s good for students and it’s good for universities.

How does a university partner benefit?

  • Tuition fees are paid straight to the university
  • Students get the financial help that they need and can spend time focusing on their studies
  • We work closely with student welfare offices to ensure the right people get the right help
  • And of course, partnership with Future Finance costs the university nothing

I’m a student, how do I benefit if my university is a Future Finance partner?

  • Reduced fee on your student loan
  • Access to an alternative source of funds to support your studies
  • Students applying from partner universities are typically processed and funded more quickly

What’s involved ? It’s up to the university.

Whether you’re looking for a partner for the entire university, a specific postgraduate programme or even an individual course, we are excited to offer new, affordable ways to help more students finance their education.

  1. Simple Referral

    University website reference to Future Finance. Reduced student loan fees for students. Tuition fees paid as lump-sum, directly to university. Customised Future Finance-university web page (at university’s discretion). Simple data sharing, brochures, informative guidance, product knowledge support.

  2. Closer Partnership

    All aspects of the Simple Referral, including reduced fees for student, plus: £10,000 annual Future Finance scholarship, granted at university’s discretion (available for qualified universities). Advanced data sharing including applicant detail.

  3. Tailored Programme

    Flexible bespoke loans, tailored to meet university criteria… And of course - reduced fees for students!

Becoming a Partner?

If you are interested in hearing more about partnering with Future Finance contact us on:

+44 (0)20 3743 8700

Then what?

  • We arrange to pay you a visit, tell you some more about Future Finance and you decide if we are a good fit for your university
  • Next steps are easy. We send you our legal agreement, you review and send it back with your feedback and soon enough your students will have access to our loans!

We DO NOT compete with government Student Finance. But when Student Finance is not enough to cover costs or a student is not entitled to funds (e.g. they are a not post-grad or international student or are repeating courses), Future Finance provides a financing option to bridge the gap and help students fund their education.