Private funding for legal courses.

Future Finance is a private lending company which is not affiliated with Student Finance England. Representative 20.6% APR (variable). Guarantor may be required.

Funding designed for law students

Deciding to study a legal course is a big decision and can help you build your career in the legal sector. But what if government funding isn’t enough to help you cover the costs?

Wherever you’re heading in your legal career, our private postgraduate loans can help you get there. We offer loans from £2,000 - £60,000 to help cover tuition fees and cost of living expenses, so you can focus on your ambitions and not the bills.

We calculate your rates based on your potential, not just your current circumstances and offer reduced repayments whilst you study.

We help postgraduates fund a variety of courses, including the LPC, GDL, BPTC, BTC and LLM Degree and Master programmes in Law.

Designed for students

Apply anytime

You can apply any time throughout your studies and up to 1 month before you graduate.

Reduced repayments

Pay a minimum of just £5 a month during term time and for up to 3 months after graduation.

7 - 10 years

You can spread your repayments over 7 to 10 years. No early repayment fees if you pay off early.

Pause payments

Life happens. Take two three-month breaks from repayments if money is tight after graduation. You will still accrue interest while payments are paused.


Customer story

We love helping students that are following their passion. Stephanie N. is studying Law at The University of Law and is an international student:

“Because I’m not from the UK, I wasn’t able to get any government funding and having Future Finance there is basically the reason I’ve been able to study in this country. So it’s been a fantastic experience.”

We are so pleased that we have been able to support her on her journey.

“So the application is very easy and it was once my application was approved and everything was good to go, the tuition was paid, basically immediately within a couple of weeks to my University. It just made the process so much better.”

Example payments
a month whilst studying
a month once graduated

The rate you are offered will depend on the amount you wish to borrow as well as your personal circumstances and credit history.

Postgraduate Loan Representative 20.6% APR (variable)*. Representative Example:

£4,500 for 102 months
Origination fee
Total amount repayable
Interest rate
17.6% p.a. (variable)
18 payments of £5/month 84 payments of £125.66/month
*These values are determined using projections based on assumptions.The rate you are offered will depend on the amount you wish to borrow as well as your personal circumstances and credit history.

Flexible student lending

We understand that you are under pressure and don’t have time to worry about money when you are studying. You have a heavy workload with a number of books to read, training contracts to make applications for and work experience to get . You should be focusing on revising for your exams and attending your seminars and workshops. We know this course keeps you busy so we are here to help.

We have a number of partnerships with Universities that provide these courses including BPP University, The University of Law, Northumbria University, Sheffield University, South Wales University and many more. Any tuition fees that you borrow are sent straight to your University so you don’t have to worry about payments and any cost of living loans are sent straight to you. Apply now to see how much you could borrow.