Thousands of students from over 150 universities think it’s common sense. Check out our quick guide to Future Finance student loans.

Our Future Finance loans are smart

We don’t just base our lending decisions on credit scores. Clever technology looks at your course, university and much more to project your potential future earnings and then determine your repayment rates.

Loan repayments reflect your life stage

We offer loans for up to 5 years that fit with your changing priorities and circumstances.

Undergraduate: Money is a little tight and you want to focus on your degree. Our repayments are lower, and capped at £75 per month, while you study.

Graduate: Need to take a breath before beginning your career? Your repayments stay lower for three months after you graduate.

First jobber: You can take up to four repayment holidays (3-month breaks) during a 5-year loan term. Handy when you’re saving for big purchases early in your career.

Career climber: When your finances are comfortable, you can repay early without paying a penalty.

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Our rates are competitive

Interest rates start from 6% and average just 11.2% APR (variable). That’s a lot better than many other commercial loans. A student credit card will charge around 20%, while rates for short-term loans can reach 50%, and a payday lender over 1000%.

New to Future Finance?

You can apply online for a Future Finance student loan in less than a couple of minutes. And we won’t keep you hanging. Our smart technology means you’ll get a decision fast, without it affecting your credit score.

We’re the only specialist provider of student loans in the UK. We offer loans designed for students, which means lower, capped repayments in study, repayment holidays and a loan plan based on your course and university, not just your credit score. See how our interest rates compare…


Representative example

Borrow: £7000 for 5 years

Origination charge: £315

Total amount repayable: £11,223.28

Interest rate:14.7% pa. (variable);

Repayments: 12 payments of £5/month,

47 payments of £232.55/month

1 payment of £233.43/month

Representative 17.54% APR (variable).