We’re excited to present our nominees for our Student of the Month Awards for all of the students who were funded in the months of October!

We’re excited to present our three candidates for the Student of the Month Awards from all of the students who were funded in October.

Watch the videos below and vote for your favourite student. First prize for our Student of the Month is £1,000 towards the winner’s living expenses while they are studying; second prize is a £100 voucher for Amazon.co.uk; third prize is a £50 for Amazon.co.uk. Voting closes at midnight on Monday 16th November!

Nominee 1: Andres

Originally from Colombia, Andres is studying towards a Ph.D. in music in DeMontfort University, Leicester, which he expects to complete in 2018. Clearly talented and passionate about music, Andres arrived at his Ph.D. studies through a one-year masters degree in music, which he studied in Leeds Metropolitan University from 2013 – 2014.

Nominee 2: Christina

A United States citizen based in London, Christina is currently studying towards a two- year masters degree in social studies, which she started this year in University of London and expects to complete by 2017.

Nominee 3: Georgina

Bristol native Georgina has a creative flair that is reflected in her education. A 2002 bachelor of arts graduate of the University of Southhampton’s Fine Art programme, Georgina is currently studying towards a masters degree in creative arts and design at the University of South Wales, which she expects to complete by 2016.