We’re excited to present our nominees for our Student of the Month Awards for all of the students who were funded in the months of June & July!

We’re excited to present our three candidates for the Student of the Month Awards from all of the students who were funded in either June or July. We decided to merge June and July to reduce the time gap between the competition and when students are funded.

Watch the videos below and vote for your favorite student. First prize is £1,000 towards your living expenses while you are studying; every candidate shortlisted will receive something. Voting closes at midnight on 31st of August!

Nominee 1: Fathima

Fathima begins her bachelors in law, this  September, with the hope of practicing corporate law. Fathima applied to Future Finance last year; unfortunately, her application on that occasion was declined as she had not been resident the UK very long, nor did she have a long work history. Showing dedication and determination, however, she spent the year working and saving, reapplied to us and, this year, and her application was approved!

Nominee 2: David

David Nzeribe is studying a bachelors in management studies in Brighton University, while also working part-time at Gatwick Airport to fund his studies. Future Finance’s financial help means that David doesn’t need to work so much to point that working might interfere with his undergraduate studies.

Nominee 3: Rachel

Rachel Vooght is thankful for the opportunity to study her masters degree, now, rather than having to spend several years of saving her funds. Rachel’s masters degree at Bangor University is a stepping stone to a PhD. What Rachel is hoping to gain out of the experience is the the opportunity to help people.