We’re excited to present our nominees for our Student of the Month Awards for all of the students who were funded in the month of December!

We’re excited to present our three candidates for the Student of the Month Awards from all of the students who we funded in December.

Watch the videos below and vote for your favourite student. First prize for our Student of the Month is £1,000 towards the winner’s living expenses while they are studying; second prize is a £100 voucher for Amazon.co.uk; third prize is a £50 for Amazon.co.uk. Voting closes at midnight on Monday 25th January!

Nominee 1: Abigail

Originally from Preston, Abigail is studying towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) BPP Law School, which she expects to complete in 2016. Not only is Abigail the first lawyer-in-making in her family, but she is also the first member of her family to attend university.

Nominee 2: Joanne

County Armagh native Joanne is currently studying towards a BSc (S) Biochemistry in Queen’s University of Belfast, which she will complete in 2016. Joanne claims that her Future Finance loan has given her the precious time that she needs to devote her research.

Nominee 3: Hollie

From East Yorkshire, Hollie is studying towards a History Ph.D in Religious Networks in Twelfth and Thirteenth-Century Europe at University of Hull and graduates in 2017.