Today Daragh and Brian are visiting the Univerity of Warwick. Highlights!

Today Daragh and Brian are visiting University of Warwick! Founded in 1965, Warwick consistently ranks in the top ten of all major British universities and is the only multi-faculty institution aside from Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial to have never been ranked outside of top ten. With an ambition to become a universally acknowledged world centre of higher education, Warwick was declared University of the Year by The Times in their Good University Guide 2015.

So far, we’ve had 69 Warwick students ask for our help, so we wanted to visit Warwick and make sure every student who needed help knew where they could get it.

Here are some fun facts about Warwick:

Warwick University is not in Warwick.

Despite what it’s name would suggest Warwick University is actually just 3 miles from Coventry. Warwick University gets its name from the fact that it is in Warwickshire.

Warwick University has a racist Swan, and ducks with their own facebook page.

Students at Warwick University encounter ducks from the nearby Bluebell Woods so frequently they made a facebook page just for discussions and pictures of them. While the occasional Student Union rep tries to piggyback on the group, it’s still a great source for some cute duck pictures

In less pleasant circumstances, Warwick University made headlines for its “racist swan” after a swan attacked ethnic minority students.

The Rowing Team make nude calendars for charity.

Since 2009, the Warwick men’s rowing team have been publishing a naked calendar to raise money for charity, as well as the eyebrows of everyone who sees it.

We won’t be posting any pictures here  just in case, but, instead, perhaps you’ll enjoy the famous piazza instead. The piazza is a central meeting space for students, just outside their SU.

Warwick University Researchers say lack of sleep could be deadly.

Warwick has earned international reputation for the wide-reaching impact of their research and can offer research opportunities to push the limits of academic curiosity of undergraduates, postgraduates and academic professionals providing the support of some of the world’s top academics.

So perhaps it should make you a little worried that a 2007 University of Warwick study found that men who slept less than 8 hours a night had a 21% higher chance of dying during any given time period (for women, it was a good deal lower at just 5% higher)

Other recent eye catching research includes a hunt for new planets with the help of robotically controlled telescope. Pretty cool, huh? Also we are very much inspired by Warwick’s academics work in the field of well-being and happiness.

Co-Creator of The Office Stephen Merchant attended Warwick.

Emmy Award winner Stephen Merchant graduated with a 2:1 in Film and Literature. Imagine how good the office might have been if he’d gotten a 1:1!!

Other notable alumni include musician Sting, CEO of Citroen Linda Jackson, CFO of Microsoft Ken Hickey, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover Ralf Speth, Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Sir John Cornforth, creator of the Lonely Planet travel guides Tony Wheeler and many more inspiring and outstanding people who made impact in science, politics, arts, business and other fields. That’s quite the list! Check out full list of Warwick’s alumni here.

Learn more about the university on their website and if you need some financial help to get you there – Future Finance is here for you!