Today Daragh and Brian are visiting University of Sussex. Highlights!

Today, Daragh and Brian are visiting University of Sussex! Sussex is currently ranked 13th in the UK by the Times Higher Education rankings, and 34th in the world. They had a great trip: it was good to meet, in person, with the team at Sussex.

Here are some Fun Facts about University of Sussex:

Sussex conducted research into horses’ expressions

Why the long face? Perhaps researcher at University of Sussex could tell you! Researchers at University of Sussex identified 17 different discrete facial movements in horses, which might indicate mood or emotion, as compared with 16 expressions in dogs and 27 in humans. The research documented 15 hours of 86 different horses behaving naturally.

Other research carried out at University of Sussex includes a study in which researchers found that children with just one, very close friend are more resilient than those without the benefit of such friendship.

Richard Attenborough served as Chancellor for the University

English Actor and politician Richard Attenborough, perhaps best known by today’s generation for playing John Hammond in the Jurassic Park series served as the chancellor of the University for ten years before stepping down at age 84. In August of this year, Sussex unveiled the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, including a 350 seat theatre.

You can see some others University of Sussex alumni here.

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