Today Daragh and Eimear are visiting Northumbria University. Highlights!

Today, Daragh is joined by our very own Eimear McGovern to visit Northumbria University in Newcastle. Formerly Newcastle Polytechnic, it gained university status in 1992.

Some Facts about Northumbria University: Notable Alumni and Research Reports

Notable Alumni: Apple CDO Sir Jonathan Ive

One of the university’s most famous and illustrious alumni is Sir Jonathan Ive, who studied Industrial Design at what was then still Newcastle Polytechnic and graduated with a first-class bachelor of arts degree in 1989.

Currently, Ive is Chief Design Officer (CDO) of Apple Inc, the lead designer behind many of Apple’s products, including the MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, Mac mini, iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Apple Watch and iOS. Widely regarded as a very close friend and confident of the late Apple legend Steve Jobs, I’ve now lives in the Pacific Heights district of San Francisco and he still actively designs and develops Apple products. In May 2012, he received a knighthood.

Recent Research: Gym Fanatics, Steroids and Memory

A thriving university with no short amount of research findings being released to the media during the year, researchers in Northumbria University recently published findings of a report into long-term steroid use that may alert some specialist gym users, such as bodybuilders and weightlifters, among whom it is estimated 38% use steroids to enhance their performance.

Published in The Open Psychiatry Journal, research findings revealed that those using steroids had significantly more deficits in their prospective and retrospective memory functioning, as well as their mental executive function, compared to non-users.

Steroid users were 39% more forgetting in terms of prospective memory – the process of remembering to do something you had planned to do in the future, such as remembering to pay a bill or remembering to take medication at a certain time.

They were also 28% more forgetting when recalling past memories or previous facts, known as retrospective memory, and demonstrated a 32% difference in their mental executive function compared to non-users.

Recent Research: A #SunnyFUTURE is Forecast for Space

If you caught our #SunnyFUTURE competition, recently, you’ll know that it’s always sunny, here, in Future Finance. However, research led at Northumbria University may mean that astronauts and future space travel passengers will be able to tune in and find weather forecasts for space travels. Published earlier this year in the science journal Nature Communications, the research has revealed for the first time that magnetic waves travelling across the sun’s surface can accelerate solar wind speeds, which vary between a gentle 500,000 miles per hour to a gusty two million miles per hour. The sun’s supersonic wind power could prove hazardous to satellites and space travelers moving outside of the Earth’s barrier.

Students on Northumbria’s Physics with Astrophysics degree will have the opportunity to learn how to study the Sun using solar telescopes and data from science missions. The course also teaches aspects of modern astrophysics, including modules on the Sun and space weather.

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