Today Daragh and Brian are visiting Loughborough University. Highlights!

Today, Daragh and Brian are visiting Loughborough University! Loughborough began as a small, technical institute, before finally becoming Loughborough University as we now know it, today, in 1996.

The National Student Survey found 89% of students were satisfied overall with the quality of course and he Quality Assurance Agency rated University of Loughborough in its top 3 for teaching quality. It’s perhaps no surprise, then, that 94% of graduates enter further education or employment within 6 months of finishing their studies. At Future Finance, We’ve had nearly 50 requests from students in Loughborough for funding, so we are happy that students are so satisfied with their university experience.

Here are some Fun facts about Loughborough:

1. The university’s single campus is a sizeable 432 acres, or about the size 245 international football pitches!

After acquiring additional land in 2003, 2006 and 2010, Loughborough is now the country’s largest single-site campus, with over 438 acres of land, though this is due to change, soon, with the opening of a 2nd campus in London. This is just part of an extensive investment and expansion plan for the university, which also saw the opening of a £23 million sport and exercise medicine centre earlier this year, as well as the opening of a health and fitness centre in October 2014.

2. You are probably pronouncing Loughborough wrong.

While many would expect Loughborough to sound like Loch Nsss, most Loughborough locals pronounce it “Luffbra”.

3. Local Statue “Sock Man” made ITV after being flash mobbed by worshippers.

Statue of Loughorough sock man

In 2006, in the first ever Lufbra Flashmob event, dozens of people walking Loughborough’s streets were suddenly overtaken by the sudden need to kneel and worship at the statue of Sockman.

4. Loughborough students conduct research on napping

Though it’s probably not quite as fun as it sounds, Loughborough University have a dedicated sleep research centre. Research includes what happens when we are deprived of sleep (the more developed “human” frontal lobes of our brain begin to shut down, and we become more zombie-like while awake) and the impact of driving while sleepy (with young men being the most common offenders).

In other research, a Loughborough University study found that dehydrated drivers could be as dangerous as those driving while over the legal limit.

5. A Loughborough University alumnus held a world record

Steve Backley- Olympic medal winner who previously held the world record for the Javelin Throw- studied Physical Education at Loughborough. In fact, in the 2006 Commonwealth Games, Loughborough would have placed 8th if they had been counted as a country, with alumni winning a total of 30 medals.

Other Notable alumni include Malcolm Sayer-Designer of the E-type Jaguar car, Sir Clive Woodword-Manager of the England Rugby World Cup winning team and former director of Sport at the British Olympic Association and Sir Peter Bonfield-Former CEO of BT. You can check out other university alumni here.

Learn more about the university on their website and if you need some financial help to get you there – Future Finance is here for you!