Today Daragh and Brian are visiting Lancaster University. Highlights!

We are excited to launch our travel blogging series where we will be telling you guys about Future Finance’s own and beloved senior-associate-Daragh and CEO-Brian’s odyssey through UK universities! Tune in to find out fun and interesting facts, campus pictures and more. If you are attending one of these unis share with us your experience and funny stories! Nothing you wouldn’t want your parents to see ?

Today Daragh and Brian are visiting University of Lancaster! Founded by Royal Charter in 1964, Lancaster is one of only six collegiate universities remaining in England. The University is divided into several colleges, each of which has their own distinctive character. The campus itself is located on the edge of the Lake District National Park, a short distance from Lancaster City.

We’ve had over 75 students from Lancaster ask for funding help, so we were fired up to meet with the University, and talk about how we could help every student who needed it.

Fun facts about Lancaster:

Gollum went to Lancaster University

Actor Andy Serkis who played Gollum in the Lord of The Rings series studied Visual Arts and Theatre at Lancaster University. Other Notable alumni include Top Gear presenter James May, award-winning novelist Sarah Waters, writer of Tipping the Velvet, and Nahed Tahir – CEO of Gulf One Bank, who made Forbes list of the 100 most powerful women in the world. You can check out other university alumni here

Lancaster’s History was the inspiration for Game of Thrones

During the 15th Century, the houses of Lancaster and York were in a battle for throne dubbed the “War of the Roses” which later went on to inspire GRR Martin’s Game of Thrones series.

Lancaster University has its own wind turbine

Lancaster have also been investing heavily in their facilities, including a brand new sports centre with an 8 lane swimming pool and climbing wall. They are currently still working on their complete renovation of the library. Lancaster’s recently built wind turbine, built as part of their “green lancaster” project, provides the University with 15% of its electricity, reducing their carbon emissions significantly. The 2.35MW output from the Wind Turbine could run 10,000 computers, or make 32,000 cups of tea. Between their wind turbine, biomass boiler and combined heat and power engine, Lancaster reduced its carbon emissions by 47% which put them first in BriteGreen’s University League Table for carbon emission reduction.

Lancaster University Researchers are working on spaceships

Lancaster operates somewhat differently to other Universities, with a greater focus on independent study. Perhaps this is the reason why Lancaster University has such high rankings in research, with the 2014 Research Excellence Framework finding of Lancaster’s research is 35% is “world leading” and 83% is “internationally excellent or world leading”

Just one of these pieces of research will look at how to keep space craft in space for longer periods, without needing to come back to earth to refuel.

Other research includes disappointing finding about young people’s attitudes to cooking (with many considering microwaving a pizza to be cooking), and how to stop people sharing inappropriate material on Facebook (especially with so many divorces citing Facebook content in their reason for filing).

Learn more about the university on their website and if you need some financial help to get you there – Future Finance is here for you!