Today Daragh and Brian are visiting Derby University. Highlights!

Daragh and Brian visited the University of Derby! Though Derby only gained university status in 1992, they have a long history as a teacher training college that pre-dates this significantly. Derby University is composed of three sites, with their main campus located one mile from the city centre. The 2014 National Student Survey found Derby had a student satisfaction rating of 86%, with 7 courses achieving an overall satisfaction score of 100%.

Derby city itself is one of the fastest growing cities in the UK, as well as being home to global companies such as Rolls-Royce, Toyota and Bombardier.

Here are some Fun Facts about Derby

Derby University Researchers say you spend 3.6 hours per day on your smartphone

Research conducted by the University of Derby found that we use our smartphones very heavily, causing distractedness from areas of their lives, including jobs and relationships. The researchers even went so far as to propose smartphones should have a health warning (though they did make it clear they were far less harmful than cigarettes or alcohol which also carry health warnings)

In other recent research, students at Derby University recently spoke for increased use of frozen foods, especially vegetables and conducted a study linking picky eating as a child to anxiety disorders later in life while another created a device to scare away lions!

Lara Croft was made in Derby

Derby based Core Design, founded in 1988 was the original birthplace of Lara Croft. Created by Toby Guard, she first appeared in Tomb Raider in 1996, going on to launch a whole franchise of games, movies and even has 6 Guinness World Records, including most successful female human video game character.

Derby was home to the first basketball arena in the UK

A brand new £10.8 million sports centre is due to open this year, but Derby actually has quite a long history with sports. In the 1980s, from a converted factory, the first basketball arena in the UK was built for the local Derby Turbos.

Derby was home to the first basketball arena in the UK

Learn more about the University of Derby on their website and if you need some financial help to get you there – Future Finance is here for you!