Today Daragh and Brian are visiting Cranfield University. Highlights!

Today Daragh and Brian are visiting Cranfield University! Spread across two campuses, in Cranfield-Bedfordshire and Shrivenham- Oxfordshire, Cranfield is a postgraduate and research-based university specialising in science, engineering, technology and management.Want to know if Daragh and Brian have visited your university?

Everyone at Cranfield was warm, cordial and made the whole experience really enjoyable!

Here are some Fun Facts about Cranfield University:

Cranfield in the only University in the UK with its own airport

The main Cranfield campus is unique in the United Kingdom for having an operational airport, which the university uses for their own aircraft in their research and teaching of aerospace. 54% of all aerospace engineering postgraduates and 25% of all agricultural and environmental sciences postgraduates, and 10% of engineering and sciences PhDs in the UK are awarded at Cranfield; that’s quite an impressive achievement.

University researchers found that Vegetarianism is not good for the environment (or at least not as good as we think)

In a study that will satisfy many carnivores, Cranfield University found that vegetarian diets are more detrimental to the environment than carnivorous diets. The study, commissioned by the World Wildlife Federation, found that food for common meat substitutes such as Quorn and Tofu, which are imported into the UK, actually result in the use of more land, which increases deforestation, when compared to local meat and dairy produced in the UK.

Other recent research from Cranfield includes the affect of street trees on sewers in East Anglia and a partnership with Coca-Cola in researching sustainable soft drink manufacturing.

Cranfield helps beer taste better

As Cranfield has long enjoyed ties to industry its research departments are required to source their own funding. One of the more delicious pieces of technology that they developed was the beer can widget, used to ensure a beer can keep its frothiness and head.

Notable alumni include Michael Bear-former Lord Mayor of London, Brian Norton-President of the Dublin Institute of Technology, James Morris-Conservative MP, and Winnie Byanyima-Executive Director of Oxfam International. You can check out others university alumni here.

Learn more about the university on their website and if you need some financial help to get you there – Future Finance is here for you!