Today Daragh and Brian are visiting Coventry University. Highlights!

Today Daragh, Eimear and Julie visited University of Coventry! Coventry started back in 1843 as the Coventry School of Design, and has come quite a distance since! Coventry is one of the top 10 largest cities in the UK and was ranked in 2014 as one of the world’s best student cities by global education specialist QS. And Coventry University,  itself ranked 15 in the Guardian’s 2016 ranking, sits right in the centre of the city.

255 students have already requested funding from us to help them go to Coventry, and after visiting the campus ourselves, we can definitely see why.

Here are some Fun facts about Coventry:

Coventry is the Home of London’s Black Cabs

Coventry students should find it easy to get around town with all of the taxis. Did you know that London’s famous black cabs are made in Coventry? Despite what its name would suggest, the London Taxi company is headquartered in Coventry, producing taxis with the distinctive London style for the country’s capital. The company is currently focusing on new model designs and lowering carbon emissions.

Coventry has two St Michael’s Cathedral’s right beside each other

After the original St Michael’s church was destroyed in bombing during the second world war, new foundations began being laid in 1956. The spire of the building was lowered onto the roof by helicopter. After the Coventry bombing raids, the term “coventriert” (“conventr-ied”) was used by the Nazis to mean “totally destroyed”. But the ruins of the original St Michael’s Cathedral are still there today, and a popular tourist site for many visitors. Ourselves included!

Coventry University Researchers are making a teenager cyborg!

Coventry has been improving their campus and facilities in recent years. In 2011, Coventry opened their new student building, with 4,000 students a day making use of the student service facilities on a daily basis. In 2012 a new engineering and computer building opened. In 2016, the university plans to build a super-laboratory for Health and Life Sciences, for students and researchers to work collaboratively. As part of their recent research, Coventry University injected Byron Wake with a microchip into his hand, allowing him to unlock his phone and operate some Bluetooth devices just by waving his hand.

Other Futuristic research at Coventry university includes developing 3D printing for aerospace technology In more light-hearted research, students at Coventry University recently conducted a study to determine the speed at which Spring Travelled across the UK.

Learn more about the university on their website and if you need some financial help to get you there – Future Finance is here for you!