Today Daragh and Brian are visiting Ashridge Business School. Highlights!

Today Daragh and Brian are visiting Ashridge Business School. Ashridge is in the 1% of the 7,000 business schools, worldwide which are triple accredited, holding AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA accreditations. In the 2014 Financial Times’ rankings Ashridge was ranked 23rd in the world.

Here are some Fun Facts about Ashridge:

Ashridge has got a face for the big screen

Ashridge’s Frithsden Beeches wood has been a popular choice for a filming location for many over the years, with films such as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Sleepy Hollow and Jonathan Creek, while Ashridge Business School itself featured in “The Dirty Dozen”

Ashridge has a very long history of learning

Today Ashridge Business School is one of the top institutes of education in its field. But Ashridge has been a place of education for a very long time, since 1283, when a monastic order called the “College of Bonhommes” was established. The organisation enjoyed great success, drawing visitors across Europe and all over the UK, including King Edward I who in 1290 held parliament.

Ashridge Researchers say you shouldn’t be afraid of your boss

Or at least, that your boss shouldn’t want you to be afraid of them. The central point of the issue being that the “fight or flight” type response shuts down the cognitive processing of the brain, with blood flowing away from the brain, and to the muscles. Though it did also say that a small amount of fear (a challenging task, but one you feel equipped to handle) can cause you to operate at your cognitive peak, making you more productive.

Ashridge has six research centres, each of which focuses on a specialist area of research or practice: Leadership, Coaching, Business and Sustainability, Strategic Management, Executive Development and Action Research

Other research from Ashridge suggests that we are not getting enough sleep, with workers reporting over an hour less sleep per night than the recommended 7.5 Perhaps more interesting though are the difference is how upper management reported the effect of missing sleeping as compared with other staff.

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