The UK government provides great student loans for students pursuing higher education in the UK. Still, with Future Finance you can apply for that little bit of extra help.

UPDATE: Data 2020/2021

Student Loans Company (SLC) offers financial support for students in the form of tuition fee loans, maintenance loans and grants. Repayment of government loans are income based and you do not need to make repayments until you have a minimum income of £26,575 per year (as per 2020/2021 data).

The government provides support for students pursuing higher education in the UK. Student Loans Company offers Tuition Fee Loans and Maintenance Loans for students looking to attend university.

Tuition Fee Loans

You can apply for up to £9,250 to cover your tuition cost per year for an undergraduate degree at a UK university. Tuition fee funds will be disbursed directly to your university.

Maintenance Loans

Maintenance loans help you cover your living costs while studying. The amount you can apply for depends on your situation, e.g. if you are living with your parents, in student housing or if you are studying abroad. Maintenance loans are being disbursed directly to yourself, usually in 3 instalments. Furthermore, you can apply for grants and bursaries dependent on your situation, the difference being is that you don’t need to pay the grant back.

Sounds Great, Doesn’t It?

Without a doubt government aid should be the first stop for students in need of financial help. However, according to The Student Money Survey 2019, 79% of students worry about making ends meet and 62% of students in the UK think the maintenance loan is not big enough.

We all know that studying can be very expensive, especially when you are living in a city where rent prices are going through the roof, or when you are simply not eligible for government aid (e.g. second-degree students, international students, etc).

We Are Here To Help

Many students worry that they are not able to finish their degree due to financial issues. We think that money issues shouldn’t hold anyone back from pursuing their higher education. With Future Finance you can apply for that little bit of extra help you might need to cover your tuition fees and living expenses while studying (Representative example 20.4% APR, guarantor may be required). We are the first private student finance provider in the UK and our loans are designed with the student lifestyle in mind.

Long Story Short…

Please apply for government student finance first and make sure to set a realistic budget for your instalments. However don’t get your head stuck into the sand if you have financial problems. There are options available that you can make use of. As Benjamin Franklin said:

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

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