Government student loans are often inadequate for the real costs associated with being a student. Many students do not have a sufficient credit history and are traditionally susceptible to high interest rates. At Future Finance we really hate it when students are subjected to high interest rates, that’s why we will approve certain loans to students provided they have a guarantor to back their loan. By securing a guarantor we can ensure that students pay much lower levels of interest on their loans and can get back to what is important, their education.

What is a guarantor?

The loan repayments are the student’s responsibility – they are our customer – but the guarantor will take on that responsibility if they’re unable to keep up the repayments. Loans can be taken out over 5 years and students can borrow between £2,000 and £40,000.

A guarantor is usually a parent, sibling or close friend. Before becoming a guarantor make sure you know the person well. Many parents find being a guarantor a great way to help contribute to their children’s education without having to put themselves under financial pressure.

Should I become a guarantor?

We believe that education is the best investment you can make. Attending university can open doors (both professionally and socially) that would otherwise be shut.  If you believe in the person and trust that they will reach their potential, then becoming a guarantor may be one of the greatest gifts they ever receive.

How can I become a Future Finance guarantor?

If you’re over 25, a UK citizen and have more than four year’s income history with a decent credit score, then it’s good news -you can become a Future Finance guarantor’. All guarantees will have a credit check. Although an EU student can apply for our student loans the guarantor has to be a UK resident.

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We understand that tuition fees and living expenses for students are high and as the UKs only student loans supplier we want to make our loans as affordable as possible. By asking for a guarantor we can continue to be far cheaper than payday lenders or student credit cards and ensure that your student has a fantastic university experience.

If you have any questions about the guarantor approval process you can visit our site to find out more, or write to us at or call us at 020 3743 87

New to Future Finance?

You can apply online for a Future Finance student loan in less than a couple of minutes. And we won’t keep you hanging. Our smart technology means you’ll get a decision fast, without it affecting your credit score.