Some tips on how you can show your special someone a good time without having to go all out on the finances.

Valentine’s day can be an expensive time for anyone, and there is a lot of pressure put on you to spend money on your significant other. But for students who may not have the money to spend on such things, this can be a difficult situation. Below are some tips on how you can show your special someone a good time without having to go all out on the finances as well.

Forget the bouquet of roses:

A bouquet of roses can be very expensive, especially around Valentine’s Day, when they’re the most in demand. Any other flowers can be just as lovely. Or skip the bouquet part, and just give a single individually wrapped rose with the stem. Much more simple and classy.

Make a card:

It doesn’t take a lot to fold over and A4, and take a biro to the page. And while it might not be easy to think of something to say, saying anything personally can be so much more romantic than just buying a card. All for the price of a piece of paper (and maybe a quick google search for something romantic to say!)


If the weather is good where you are, a picnic could be a great low cost option. A little insider secret, a picnic is just lunch, but served while sitting on a blanket outside!

Home cooked dinner:

A home cooked dinner is a great way to give a personal gift without spending too much. The difference in cost between a restaurant and the food at the supermarket is quite a lot. Besides, if you didn’t go out, you were going to have to cook dinner for yourself anyway! And even if you’re not a master chef, you can still put something simple together. Try for some inspiration and suggestions.

If you’ve been together for any time at all, there are probably quite a few pictures of you together sitting on Instagram or Facebook. You can put together a nice miniature photo album, and universities will often let you print for free, or at least cheap in the library etc.

Dessert only date:

Okay, so you might not be able to go out to a fancy dinner with your special someone, but perhaps you could at least afford to take to them out to a fancy dessert? Some crème brûlée in the candlelight can go a long way, and still cost a lot less than a whole meal.

There are many museums and other cultural centres which offer discounts to students, and also many which are free. You can check out some of them here

And if you’re single, remember that there are many different kinds of love, all of which deserve to be celebrated. In Finland, for example, February 14th is a day to celebrate platonic love between friends.