We love helping students that are following their passion. Here is the story of Sahra from City University London.

Sahra is one of many psychology students we’ve helped fund their education. She has got great ambitions for her future, striving to put her knowledge to good use in helping people making healthier life choices.

Find out more about Sahra and her experience with Future Finance below.

Sahra graduated

About Sahra

I study Msc Health Psychology at City university London. From East London I travel in to university each week. I graduated in Psychology two years ago and decided to continue with further study in order to pursue dreams of becoming a professional Health Psychologist.

  • How did you come across Future Finance and why did you choose us?

I came across Future Finance when searching for some financial support to assist my first instalment of my course. I currently use Student finance for my tuition fees, however when they were unable to fund me for my first instalment by the course deadline, I decided to try something new – Future Finance.

  • How did you find our customer service and experience in general?

Customer service was great. Rarely needed to use as everything went smoothly and there were no problems.

  • What makes Future Finance different to other finance providers?

Future finance is great because its quick, efficient, and useful for when you need it.

  • Why did you choose City University and how are you finding your course?

I studied my undergraduate degree at city university London so I felt comfortable in returning for further study. I knew the staff and was friendly with them which helped me feel at home. Health Psychology is a difficult science which includes theoretical modules, statistics modules, intervention modules and a dissertation project. Although tough, it is thoroughly rewarding to believe I will be helping with the promotion, education and interventions for individuals to lead healthier and happier lifestyles.

  • Who’s your role-model? Who do you look up to and why?

I look up to any individual with a degree, with an education, those who pursue further study and delve deep into research to help our future generations. I also look up to those individuals who have a kind and helping nature to them, ready to do good for the world and to make the world a better place.

  • What’s your dream job / ambition for the future?

My dream job is to become a Doctor in Psychology, a Health Psychologist. I would love to be able to utilize evidence based interventions to help individual clients lose weight, quit smoking, start healthy eating and exercise, and stop drinking.

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