We love helping students that are following their passion. Here is the story of Rebecca from University of East Anglia.

We’ve funded hundreds of nurses across the UK already, Rebecca is one of them. It’s great to see how passionate Rebecca is about her profession. A profession that is so important for our society. Find out more about Rebecca and how we helped her finance her studies.

About Rebecca

I was born in the USA, but we moved around (I’m from a military family). I ended up moving out of the parental home when I was 17 in order to pursue a photography course. I did a year of this and then joined the Royal Navy. This is how I moved back to England from Scotland. I left the Navy to study Nursing in 2013.

  • How did you find out about Future Finance?

I found Future Finance through a Google search, I was looking for further funding because the bursary (NHS) was only £450 a month. This did not even cover rent let alone placement travel costs and outlays. I chose future finance because it was a more sensible solution to what I needed, and the flexibility with repayments was exactly what I wanted.

  • What did you like about Future Finance?

Future Finance customer service is excellent, I really can’t praise it enough. It is really personal and they work with you to sort out any issues you may have (It really helped me when I was a student!). Future finance is unique because it is a sensible lender, and doesn’t try to take advantage of students by charging mega interest!

  • How did you choose your university?

I decided to apply for five universities (Brighton, Bournemouth, York, Nottingham and UEA), I chose UEA as it was the third best for Nursing in the UK at the time. I also used to live in Norfolk and decided I would feel comfortable going back…It turned out to be the right decision, as I left uni with a first! Thats not to say that the course was not demanding. In fact, since qualifying, I have spoken to numerous other student nurses from other universities and have realised UEA make their students do a lot more than others would. This was stressful at times (and I can’t lie, sometimes I entertained the idea of leaving) but I can tell how good a nurse it has made me.

  • What advice would you give to people that are thinking of starting a nursing course?

Anyone who wants to study nursing should really want to do it. It is not a course that a person can go into half heartedly. It is demanding, but so rewarding and I would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for caring for others. I love my job as an ophthalmic theatre nurse, I am learning so much every day and every patient is different. It is lovely to help give the gift of sight and I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t managed to secure a loan from FF, I think I may have had to quit the course if it wasn’t for that.

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