For the September student of the month we wanted to hear all about your first day at University. A big thank you to all participants. Some of the stories were incredibly moving. But there can only be one winner. Congratulations Soheila Fazeli!

## 1st place: Soheila Fazeli, Middlesex University

My name is Soheila Fazeli and I am an Iranian,I was studying at MSc medical microbiology in Middlesex university ,At the first day of my studying,I was very excited, since I finally made it to the university in London that I had always dreamed about it. However I was quite stressed because English was my second language and I knew it wouldn’t be easy to communicate with other students and understanding them properly .At induction day I met my supervisor and classmate who were native speakers with strong accent and I couldn’t understand their accent so I couldn’t make any friend at the first couple of week . Studying in a university was full of pressure. In class, the professors talked quite fast, and I had to note down necessary things by my own. If I did not read the text books at home, so it would be very hard for me to follow the lectures and understand the lessons. Moreover, I was so overwhelmed by the workload that I had with many individual assignments, group works and works and research. Also, besides the academic requirement, I had to meet the requirement of extra activities. All these things made me felt so stress and depressed. Fortunately, I finally made things better. First, I tried to calm myself down and asked for advices from some of my professors. Thank to their help, I could manage my time better and got all the works finished smoothly. Also, I joined in my university social network on the internet. This network was very helpful, since we could make friends and shared our knowledge and experiences. When I eventually managed to settle myself in university life, I found that it is enjoyable and I found so many close friends at Uni .There is a quote that “No one makes a lock without a key; that’s why God won’t give you problems without solutions.” Negative feeling in first days at university is not a serious problem without solutions. Keep calm and try to deal with it, and then the problem can soon be solved.

2nd place: Ajebowale Roberts

My first day didn’t go as bad as what I thought it would. I had broken my arm that summer and still In a cast. I had made the best effort to look half decent as I’m on a fashion course. I was nervous. Sweating and excited all at the same time. When I got there I couldn’t even join in any of the induction activities, I couldnt write any notes or do anything. I got a lot of sympathy and the most chilled day just telling the gruesome story of how I broke my arm