Congratulations to this month’s winner Soheila Fazeli, she will be receiving a £1,000 scholarship, to help her with the cost of studying at Middlesex University

The results are in! Big congratulations to this month’s winner of £1,000 for the costs of studying: Soheila Fazeli!

Soheila is an international student in the UK from Iran. Soheila is currently studying towards an M.Sc in microbiology and hopes to eventually study towards a Ph.D., but, for the moment, can’t speak highly enough about her environs in Middlesex University. “Middlesex Uni has prepared fabulous facilities such as, laboratories, the library, the uni-help service, all of which offer help and support to all Middlesex Uni students.”

Asked for the best financial advice she had received during her time as a student, Soheila had this to say: “The best piece of financial advice that I have received has been from Future Finance, which has been helpful.”

Well done, Soheila.

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