Congratulations to this month’s winner Abigail Askew, she will be receiving a £1,000 scholarship, to help her with the cost of studying at BPP Law School

The results are in! Big congratulations to this month’s winner of £1,000 for the costs of studying: Abigail AskewWith 456 votes and a 55% majority of the vote, Preston native and BPP Law School student Abigail won this case, open and shut.

Clearly as persuasive as any lawyer needs to be, Abigail convinced voters with her video. Not only is Abigail the first lawyer in her family, she is also the first member of her family to attend university.

Well done, Abigail. Our runners-up don’t walk away empty-handed, however: With 282 votes and 97 votes, respectively, Hollie and Joanne will receive £100 and £50 vouchers for, respectively.

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