We’re excited to present our nominees for our Student of the Month Awards for all of the students who were funded in the month of March

**Update** One of our candidates for Student of the Month has asked to be taken out of the running, so this leaves just Obara and Wendy

We are exciting to present our three nominees for the Student of the Month Awards for the month of March!

Watch the videos below and vote for your favorite student. Voting closes at 2 pm on 29th May!

Nominee 1: Obaro

Obaro is also an international student studying for his Bachelors in Computer Science at University of West London. He was struggling to fund his degree and almost had to give up his education, until he received funding from Future Finance.

Nominee 2: Wendy

Wendy is striving to become a barrister and is currently studying at BPP. On top of studying full-time, she also has a full-time job and manages to juggle the two of them for the past three years!