Is a picture worth a £1,000? It certainly was for our June student of the month.

This month we asked entrants to send their favourite holiday pics and tell us a little bit about themselves. A big thanks to all 22 entrants who took time to find and post their best ones. We saw fond memories from past voyages and big dreams of the tropical Caribbean in the future, but in the end there can only be one winner and this month’s winner was -  Abigail Askew . Congratulations Abigal!

1st: Abigail Askew, BPP University

This holiday pic is a photo of my little cousins ages 2 and 5 and their names are Ava and Freya. This picture was taken whilst on holiday in Mallorca and I love this picture because I love them so much! Freya is the youngest with the ice cream around her mouth which is definitely what holidays are all about! Especially all inclusive holidays when you can eat as much as you want! Ice cream around the pool and on the beach is a must! My ideal holiday this summer would be to go away with my little cousins and my Aunty and Uncle to somewhere hot and where there is a water park close by! Ava and Freya love slides and last week they poured water down theirs in the garden to make it into a water slide so I would love to take them on a big water slide abroad! I love summer and I love holidays and I love love love my baby cousins so imagine that all mixed into one! This picture sums up how cheeky they both are and they definitely have sweet tooths!

2nd: Farha Dungarwalla, University of West England Bristol

This was my first holiday to New York and I was absolutely dumbfounded by the amount of culture and beauty this city had to offer. On Christmas Eve I visited the Rockefeller Tree and it was there that I met the man of my dreams, it was suppose to be a trip where I went backpacking alone but ended up finding a companion for life. That year Christmas was extra special and this NYC spot in particular will always be close to my heart.

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