A new MacBook, tickets to Glastonbury for you and three friends, return flights to New York or a bunch of textbooks for uni…there are plenty of ways to spend £1,000. In 2015, we launched our Student of the Month competition, awarding a £1,000 cash prize each month. We were overwhelmed by your stories, and we’re excited to continue this initiative throughout 2016 with slightly different rules 🙂!

What is changing in 2016?

  • The competition is now open to everyone who has received a Future Finance loan.
  • We’ll be asking for different sorts of content ranging from stories, videos to photos and more.

No strings, no catches: just tell us how Future Finance helped you and whichever story gets the most votes wins.

So, how does it work?

  1. Tell us how Future Finance helped you fund your education. The better the story, the more votes you’ll get!
  2. We’ll review submissions and host a public vote.
  3. Then it’s down to the entrants. They’ll have two weeks to get as many votes as possible. The person with the most votes wins £1,000. In the event of a draw, the prize will be split evenly.

We’ll help to get votes by blogging about the contest and posting on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out our previous winners here.

Got questions? Simply email us at competition@futurefinance.com.