Dr Vimal Karani was the winner of our competition this time, and chose Yue Li, a student from the Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition.

Future Finance was started to help high potential students! We believe, no student should be held back from achieving their potential due to a lack of immediate finances.

Unfortunately, a lot of current UK students struggle financially, with 46% of a Save the Student survey saying that financial worries had a negative impact on their studies.

We posted recently about one of our scholarship prize recipients at the University of Brighton. And now we are very pleased to announce the awarding of another £100 scholarship!

Another scholarship for a student!

Recipient of this scholarship is Yue Li of the University of Reading.

Dr Vimal Karani was the winner of our competition, and chose Yue Li, a student from the Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition within the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences.

Yue Li is self-funded and working part time jobs to support her education. This £100 scholarship will contribute to Yue Li’s cost of living expenses and let her focus on her research in diabetes and nutrigenetics, which is the study of genetic susceptibility to diseases and genetic variation in the effects of nutrient intake.

We would like to wish Yue Li best of luck with the research!