In October 2014, Future Finance attended the Higher and Further Education Show in London. This conference brings together university administrators and lecturers to discuss topics around the third level education system in the UK. Not surprisingly, the cost of education was a hot issue and our hosted symposium – Paying for it all: students and the rising costs of higher education – had a full house.

Unfortunately, a lot of students struggle to finance their education in the UK – in fact 28% of students worry that they won’t be able to finish their degree due to financial reasons (Future Finance Survey Result, November 2014).

Future Finance wants to contribute to UK students success

We believe that money shouldn’t hold anyone back from achieving their degree. As a private student loan company we offer students a helping hand when government grants and other financial support are not enough. As part of our attendance at the Higher and Further Education Show we ran a competition to allow university administrators to win a £500 scholarship for a student of their choice at the conference. We received a good response rate and 3 lucky winners were chosen at random to collect a £500 scholarship for their students. One of the lucky winners was Dr. Nina Dunne from University of Brighton.

This week our CEO Brian and finance associate Daragh, went to Brighton to meet Dr. Nina Dunne and the lucky student Caroline Spence to hand over the £500 cheque.

Dr. Nina Dunne was very pleased with the opportunity: “ I am extremely excited about the scholarship that I have won from Future Finance. It will be amazing to be able to support a student financially. The student I have chosen has not been given funding for her Professional Doctorate course and therefore is self-funding. In today’s climate there is a financial strain on everyone. Future Finance has enabled me to invest in Caroline as she will undoubtedly be a committed researcher developing not only her own practice but also ensuring the best care is given to the children that she nurses .”

Brian Norton, our CEO: “ We were delighted to have such a strong response to the competition and are proud to support hard working UK students like Caroline, who are undertaking socially important degrees like child health care. We believe that no student with the desire and ability to pursue a university education should be denied the opportunity to do so because they lack the financial resources.

We are proud to assist students in financing their education.

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