For many 18 year olds, right now, you will most likely be stressed out and anxious beyond belief until A-level results day. Mostly, you'll fear that you’ll miss your grades by a mark or two...

Guest blog written by BahGum brand ambassador Andy Deng.

There are a lot of you who will have already thought about retaking a whole year if you fail to get into your firm of choice. Here are a few reasons why I would recommend going to your insurance instead.

I was one of the people who miserably failed at achieving their predicted grades and, thus, missed out on a place at Durham. This year, I managed to be accepted again at Durham and Warwick. However, I promise you that it did NOT come easy.

The majority of you won’t believe this, but retaking a year is a waste of time if you managed to still secure a place at a university. There’s no guarantee you’ll get an offer at a better university or that you’ll get better grades the second time round.

Bearing that in mind, I decided on utilising my time at the University of York in the best way possible. It allowed me to understand what university life was like and therefore be better prepared if I was going to start again.

First of all: re-sits.

You’re not going to be able to get another offer from your firm choice again if you’re keeping the same grades and, thus, you have to re-sit.

Now, a lot of you will be worried that you cannot balance the workload for both A-levels and your undergraduate degree. However, having spent one day per exam in passing my first year, all the while re-sitting my a-levels, I can tell you that it’s possible. Most universities offer a lower bound pass rate of just 40%. Therefore, it’s significantly hard to fail. I’m not saying that it’s going to be easy to pass your university exams and get the grades that you want at A-Level, though it’s certainly possible if you’re dedicated.

However, good grades are not all you need, this time. You’ll now be one year older than all of the other students who are applying for a place at the university that you’ve chosen. What’s going to set you apart in your personal statement, this time? What’s your excuse for failing? How are you going to persuade them to give you a second chance?

That’s where I believe going to university, despite it being my insurance, has been the best decision that I’ve made so far. By going to university, I’ve taken on intensive study in my degree,which furthers my knowledge in the field. I’ve integrated myself into the community and I was successfully elected as course representative and part of the investment society. All these things are experiences that make you stand out from your peers. It’ll show that you’re keen and driven to succeed. They’re also experiences that other 17-18 year olds aren’t going to have.

Finally, I now have a better understanding of the importance of first year internships and the interview process, which, hopefully, I will improve upon, second time round. If you stayed another year at college/sixth form, this option would not be available for you; now, I have the opportunity to retake my first year at university with more experience. I’m now much better prepared.

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