For Halloween have no fear! You can still throw a great party without hurting your finances.

It is many students’ favourite night of the year and it’s not hard to understand why.

Halloween is the perfect excuse to wear fancy dress, embrace all things spooky, watch horror movies and, if the occasion arises, give your friends a good scare. And what better way to celebrate all things scary than with a good old-fashioned party?

However, when it comes to a Halloween event, it’s go big or go home. At the very least, there should be some decorations to set the mood, a few nibbles, a great costume from the host and of course, just all the basics that every party needs (cups, napkins, extra toilet paper…).

You can still ‘go big’ within your budget and without taking a terrifying hit to your finances.

Dead good costumes

Imagine the horror: you’re strutting your stuff in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume when a guest arrives wearing the same turtle. It’s enough to send shivers down your spine.

Luckily this nightmare scenario needn’t ruin your party because you have everything you need at home to make yourself an amazing (and completely original) outfit. Alternatively, you’ll find ingenious homemade costume ideas online Buzzfeed. How great is that umbrella bat?

A house of horrors

The best Halloween parties need a spooky ambience. Candles are a great and cheap way to create the right atmosphere (but we suggest the battery powered variety in the interests of health and safety.)

You can also pick up very reasonably priced decorations at your local pound shop or supermarket. But it’s even cheaper, and far more fun, to make your own. We love these ghost lanterns fashioned from milk cartons, and there are thousands more scarily good ideas on Pinterest.

Frightfully tasty food

If you want to save money on food, it’s a good idea to host your party after dinner. That way you can get away with just a few nibbles and snacks. And as this is a Halloween party, it would be wrong not to theme your offering, right? A few affordable and easy ideas include these brilliant frozen banana ghosts and these devilled eggs with spiders.

But you can also of course get away with good old-fashioned treats, it is Halloween after all! There’s great bargains to be had like this 1kg tub Swizzels for just £5.

Freaky fun

Halloween games are dead easy to make yourself. Apple bobbing, anyone? You’ll find plenty of inspiration online to keep the party alive. These creepy cans make great bowling targets. And here’s the perfect excuse to turn out the lights: have your guests toss glowing rings over empty wine bottles.

And everybody loves a pumpkin lantern. Hold a competition to see which guest can carve the best one. You can get pumpkins for as little as 99p. And last but not least, don’t forget to have some killer tunes playing courtesy of this corker on Spotify.