We hate when people say: “we know how you feel!’ but in the case of getting GCSE or A-Level Results, we really do know how you feel!

The sleepless night before, the butterflies, the expectations of friends and family; it can be an intimidating day but one thing is for sure, you will always remember it.

We asked some of our staff members to share memories of getting their school exam results and whether that day actually impacted their future life and career paths.

Suzanne, Brand Communications Manager

"My school was located in the city centre and so journalists from a national paper always chose our school to interview students after getting their results. I fled the building with my envelope for fear of doing badly and the paper getting an image of me wailing outside my school over bad results!"

"I actually ended up surpassing everyone’s expectations (including my own, but especially my mum’s!). Perhaps, my clearest memory of that day was trying to tell my mum my grades over the phone but she just kept yelling: “Tell me your real results!”. My grades got me into a course I never thought I could get, which ended up completely uprooting my plans for university. At the time that was scary and felt like a gamble, but now it just feels like fate."

Damian, Servicing Agent

"I was really nervous waiting for my results- they were posted out to me and I remember opening up the envelope like it was yesterday. I remember screaming and running around the house I was so delighted. Whilst running around I fell over and fractured two of my fingers but I did not care one bit (I think the adrenaline had taken over!)"

"I am not an academic but I worked really hard to achieve what I did in my A-Levels and it enabled me to go to University and study Business. Hard work always pays off. I think I worked so hard because I was told I’d struggle to get my A- Levels or even get to University, but I achieved both!  Always give your all for what you want to achieve and what will be will be."

Elizabeth, Chief Brand Officer

"A missed grade resulted in my second choice, University of Sussex, Brighton, over my top choice, University of Warwick. I ended up living in Brighton after I graduated (amazing!) and joined the Graduate Programme of the top employer there - American Express."

"Within three years, I was sent to their Headquarters in the World Financial Center, NYC where I was offered an Exec MBA at Columbia (US Ivy League) based on performance. Fast forward and here I am back in the UK with Future Finance (helping the University of Warwick spot potential ?). Wishing all our students luck - sometimes the second choice is the path you’re intended for!"

Jess, Social Media Executive

"I was so incredibly nervous to find out my GCSE results it’s actually all a bit of a blur! All I can really remember is walking into school with my dad and opening my results with shaky hands once we got back in the car. Much to my delight I got all the grades I needed to get into the college I applied for!"

"As I was only 16 at the time, my dad took me for some mocktails (wild,I know!) in Bath city centre to celebrate. It’s still one of my fondest teenage memories!"

Bébhinn, People Operations Manager

"The day I got my results was a lovely end to my school experience. Luckily, my entire group of friends were happy with our results and knew that we would be able to pursue our chosen paths of study. Of the core group of six of my closest friends, five chose to study nursing - I was the black sheep going for an English and History degree!"

"At the time, I wasn’t thinking about what I wanted to do in university, and certainly wasn’t thinking about my career (unlike my nurse friends). The best advice I got was to study what I was interested in, and that will naturally steer you towards a career that you actually enjoy, which was certainly the case for me!"

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