On Friday 3rd of March we’ve awarded our second £5,000 scholarship to Cranfield University students.

After MBA student Arun, we’re delighted to now support Francisco doing his MSc in Aersospace Vehicle Design. Find out more about Francisco and his ambitions.

  • What were you doing before you started your course at Cranfield University?

Before I started my course at Cranfield University I was working as a R&D/ Design engineer for an agricultural engineering company in Spain. I designed and prototyped new machines or developed already existing ones.

  • How do you expect postgraduate study will benefit you?

I think that my postgraduate study together with my Master of Engineering will help me become a well rounded engineer. I believe this is very important especially when designing. Innovation for one field might come from applying techniques from another one.

I also believe that meeting new people will help me, I will be able to learn about their way of thinking and share thoughts with them.

  • Have you studied in the UK before? What were your concerns about studying / living in the UK and what do you consider to be the benefits?

I have studied in the UK before yes, at Southampton. The biggest of my worries here was if I was going to be able to cope with the weather, being a southern spaniard. I did get used to it after some time.

Benefits from studying/living in the UK such as: staying away from my family and learning how to solve day to day issues by myself, getting to know a new culture, a more practical learning environment than Spanish universities offer, outweigh the weather inconvenience.

  • Why did you choose this course and Cranfield University?

I chose this course because designing has always been my passion, and specifically designing aerospace vehicles. As part of my Masters of Engineering I took courses on aerodynamics, which I now think are not enough for me to design tomorrow’s vehicles. I believe that with this MSc I will have the wider background knowledge necessary.

I chose Cranfield University for its renown name and contacts in industry. I hope that it will help me achieve my dream job position.

  • What are you most looking forward to at Cranfield University?

I would say that what I am most looking forward is to start learning and applying my knowledge. To be challenged.

Professor Shijun Guo (Cranfield University) Francisco (Scholarship receiver), Greg Chadbourne (Future Finance)

From left to right: Professor Shijun Guo (Cranfield University) Francisco (Scholarship receiver), Greg Chadbourne (Future Finance)

  • What does the Future Finance scholarship mean to you?

The Future Finance scholarship means that I can be less worried about my day to day finances and able to focus entirely on my course. I also believe it gives me the opportunity to get seen by companies and improve my chances of meeting great people from the industry from whom I can learn and hopefully work with a future.

  • What are your ambitions after completing your course at Cranfield University?

I intend to find a job position designing aerospace vehicles, becoming part of a team that will develop the future of air and space transportation.

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