In 2013/14 there was a total of 67,360 medicine or dentistry students in the UK, of which 19,845 were in their first year. Medicine is, without a doubt, a demanding course that will require a lot of self-study and commitment from students. Not surprisingly, 82% of these students were pursuing their degree in full-time study mode, HESA, 2014).

We’re excited to meet a lot of prospective future doctors at MedLink September 2015, at which we’ll be exhibiting and speaking about our product. We believe that money shouldn’t hold anyone back from pursuing their dream career. A 5 year-long course can put a lot of financial strain on students and their families; we want to ensure that students can focus on their studies by providing a finance solution.

What have we done so far?

We’ve already funded nearly 100 medicine students attending 44 different universities in the UK. As a whole, we’ve provided funds of over £620,000 to cover tuition fees (35%) and cost of living expenses (65%) for medicine and dentistry students in the UK.

Check out Mesut Keklik who we’ve helped pursue his dream of a masters degree in Medicine.