We were in the University of Exeter this Monday, continuing our campaign giving scholarships to deserving students in the UK

Pictured from left to right are: our own finance associate Daragh Coogan, Exeter’s student engagement officer Will Page, the recipient of the scholarship Luke Nightingale, and Future Finance CEO Brian Norton.

You can read more about this campaign and some of the other students we gave scholarships to here and here

The recipient of the scholarship

Luke Nightingale is a mature student, studying psychology at Exeter. He is currently running a project to promote awareness for mature students, and how their needs and struggles are different than the average student (for example, mature students are more likely to have children, though some university campuses deny children entrance). From a funding perspective, many mature students are studying second undergraduate degrees, and so are not entitled to the same funding as other students.

At Future Finance, we don’t think that immediate finances should stop a student with potential from being able to achieve that potential through education.

If you are a mature student struggling to find financing for your tuition fees, or just an undergraduate whose cost of living is higher than expected, a Future Finance Student Loan might be an option for you. Visit our website to learn more or apply.