Post grad learning can be expensive and taking out another student loan can be daunting but with distance learning you can save on the overall fees.

If you love a subject, then continuing your studies with a post graduate course is a great way to improve your knowledge and job prospects. Post grad learning can be expensive and taking out another student loan can be daunting  but with distance learning you can save on some of the overall fees without jeopardising the course quality. Make sure you get the most out of your distance learning post grad by following these simple tips.

Discussion is key

Use the internet to find forums where experts (and novices) discuss topics relevant to your course. If there is something worth commenting on, then feel free to enter the discussion and voice your opinion. By reading and engaging with discussion boards you are opening yourself to broader understanding and a greater depth of knowledge. The Grad Café is a great place to discuss and with hundreds of topics you are bound to find yours.

Face to face time with your lecturer

Lecturers are always happy to help passionate students. Learn who your lecturer is (this can be the course director or a lecturer of a specific subject) and arrange a facetime or skype session. Once you have arranged a suitable time, be sure to have set questions ready. It’s crucial to find out if your study is heading in the right direction.

Keep on track

When it comes to study, timing is everything. Knowing how long to spend per subject can really make a difference at exam time. If you use the course timetable as a roadmap you will get an indication of what topics are most important and which you can spend less time on.

Back up

Something that everyone should do. When all your work is stored electronically, and all your learning has been done online, backing up is absolutely essential.

Embrace fear

The Fear. The moment you realise that your laissez-faire attitude to study has finally caught up with you and that there is not enough time. Fear is the single greatest motivator to any student. When it happens, breath, organise and for god’s sake study.


The more online testing you can do the more you will learn. Go search online, sometimes you can find quizzes on your subject of choice and make it more fun.

Just do it!

A post grad education is a pretty unique thing. The improved knowledge and initial job offers are great, but its true value is a sense of achievement that stays with you forever. So just do it!

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