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Category: Life Hacks

Student city guide to London

The UK capital is home to an enormous student community and some of the best universities in the land. It’s renowned for its unique diversity, vibrancy, culture and nightlife. But finding the best of the best within all that can be tricky. So we’re going to help you out. Whether you’re thinking of going to study in London or you’re already doing so, our definitive guide will help you cut through the crud and zone in on the good. [...]

Graduate jobs: How to go from campus to career success

A recent study by Canvas found the top priority among students was leaving university adequately prepared for the world of work. Employers, on the other hand, have been lamenting the lack of graduate workplace skills in the latest CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey. Well, we’re here to help make your transition from campus to career easier, so you can settle in quickly and nail your job from day one. And start earning those big bucks so you can repay your student loans in no time! [...]

10 Christmas gifts for cash-strapped students

Even on a student budget, and with a few more weeks until your next student loan payment comes through, there’s no need to be a scrooge at Christmas. Homemade gifts will keep your costs down and mean much more to your friends and family than something you bought in a shop. Here are 10 DIY presents that are really easy to make and way more exciting than socks. [...]

Tenancy Deposit Schemes 101

Landlord disputes have been the scourge of student living for decades. Every year, in every Uni city up and down the land, there are horror stories of landlords ignoring complaints of damp, mould, leaking roofs and broken boilers. And when it comes to the end of your tenancy agreement the arguments can really escalate. If you’re headed for a landlord tug of war at the end of your tenancy, the tenancy deposit scheme could be your blessing in disguise – if you know how it works and how to make the most of it. [...]

Problem landlord? Know your rights

If you’re lucky you’ll have a brilliant landlord, someone who picks up the phone to any problem and doesn’t squeeze every penny from your student loan. But the likelihood is you’ll at least have a few teething problems with landlords during your uni life. What they – and you – are obliged to do isn’t always clear. So let’s declutter the clutter. [...]

How to survive a young professional house-share with student loans

For postgrads, undergrads or even graduates, house sharing with young professionals is a great way to save money on a student loan and live closer to the liveliest parts of a city. But how can you avoid the guy who strangles cats for fun? What’s the best way to gel with your new diverse set of housemates? How can you organise them when you rarely see them? And how can you keep up with their spending power if you are still living on a student loan? We have all the answers. [...]

How to host a wicked budget Halloween party

It’s many students’ favourite night of the year. Halloween is the perfect excuse to wear fancy dress, drink punch and scare the bejeesus out of your mates. And what better way to celebrate all things spooky than with a house party? But when it comes to Halloween it’s go big or go home. Your guests will expect decorations, party food and games galore. And, of course, you’ll need to be best-dressed. Well, have no fear! You can still go big within your student loans that won’t terrify the life out of you. [...]

Student guide to UCAS university applications 2017

Student loans aren’t the only tough decision to make come application time. Finding the right University to apply to and how to apply is a difficult process. It’s even harder knowing how to make your application a successful one. Here we lay down everything you need to know to complete and submit your UCAS form, and what to look out for along the way.  [...]

A letter to my 18-year-old self

Our regular blogger Claudia, now 34, took up the challenge of penning a letter of advice to her former 18-year-old self. She found it pretty tough-going but ultimately enlightening. Here are the results of her endeavours.  [...]

Six (bad) reasons to drop out of uni

Your university experience is likely to have plenty of ups and downs. It is, after all, three years (or more) of your life. So you can expect plenty of challenges to counter-balance the moments of euphoria. But if you find you’re struggling and thinking you might drop out of uni, make sure you take a step back and look at the big picture before making any rash decisions. [...]

Look amazing for less than a pint

If you’re worried you won’t look your best on a student loan, take a breath. There’s no need to turn into a swamp monster just because you can’t afford a session at the salon. And you won’t get a Worst Dressed First Year nomination just because you can’t follow the latest trends. Well, not on our watch. [...]

Handling your emotions on A-level exam results day

Exam results day can feel like the biggest day of your life. So much appears to be riding on the outcome: The university you want to go to, the next three years (or more) of your life and the career path you have your heart set on. It’s a stressful time and there is a lot to think about, leaving friends and family, getting a student loan, living away from home,  but there are ways to cope with the emotional burden, before results day and afterwards – and whether you got the grades you’d hoped for, or not. [...]

Six summer 2016 sporting facts

Have you ever wondered how much an Olympic gold medal is actually worth? Or how many strawberries are really eaten at Wimbledon? With summer 2016 shaping up to be one of the best in memory for sport we’ve decided to put together some interesting facts that you definitely haven’t heard before. [...]

Student Loans: How to shop on a budget

You don’t have to live off beans on toast when you have a student loan. And a tight budget doesn’t need to get in the way of nutrition. With these money-saving tips, you can eat like a health-conscious king or queen every single day. [...]

Student Loans: Get a smart student pad for a decent rental price

A recent NUS study revealed students in rented accommodation aren’t experiencing the standards they’re entitled to and are paying top dollar of their student loan budget for the pleasure. With 61% complaining of damp, one-quarter living with infestations, and far too many homes lacking carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, we’ve put together a short guide to help you avoid rogue landlords and enjoy a happy home. [...]

Student dinner parties on a tight budget  

Eating out is a luxury most students can’t afford. But there’s an alternative that’s more fun and accommodating to even Sara McShouty and Drunken Duncan. It’s time to show campus your civilized side with a dazzling dinner party that won’t break the bank. [...]

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