To help you cut through all the noise we’ve picked out 7 sites you simply can’t do without as a student.

The internet is a big place. At the time of writing there are 1,032,066,263 active websites in the world. To help you cut through all the noise we’ve picked out 7 sites you simply can’t do without.

The secret flying website is great for finding cheap flights to far flung places. Time it right and you could pick up a bargain. Single flights from as little as £55 to Reykjavik, Aruba or Cancun. They do this by advertising flights, which for whatever reason, have not reached full capacity. This means that airlines are willing to let the seats go for cheaper than usual. Think of it as a “everything must go” sale for flights! They also keep a keen eye on error fares (genuine mistakes made by the airline while advertising the flight online) which happens more often than you think. You just need to be flexible as often the flights are within the month and quite early in the morning.

Sit down, pick up the controller, put up your feet and make yourself a cup of tea because we’ve found the solution to the movie scrolling epidemic.  We have such an amazing access to great films at the moment that the choice can almost be too much. A Good Movie to Watch has an amazing selection of little known but highly rated movies, so that you can choose a film within minutes. You can pick movies available on Netflix and choose the country your Netflix account is based in.

Search and build cheat sheets for all your studying needs. It has a simple, easy to use template with all information in small bitesize pieces. For experts it’s a great way to quickly access information, for beginners it’s a great introduction to a subject.

A free service that watches Amazon (and other super stores) for price drops. This means you can get stuff for far cheaper than the original listing. You can either keep an eye on the website yourself or if you are looking for something specific they will send you a price drop alert so that you don’t miss any deals! Alerts can be sent via email or twitter and sometimes you can get as much as 50% off!

Whether you like to make and fix things or if you’re just bored and looking for something to do, then Instructables is the site for you. It has a host of easy to follow instructions that show you how to make almost anything from Halloween costumes to midnight snacks!

Technically this is software. Cold Turkey will cut you off from all online distractions, anything from your social media accounts to personal addictions like the dailymail or BBC Sport. It even allows you to set goals which until completed will lock your computer. Goal types range from total time to wordcount.

My Fridge Food answers that question – how can I make the most out of what I’ve got? The website searches dozens of websites, finding recipies that match the ingredients in your fridge! There is a huge range of ingredients so you can be sure it’ll be able to help no matter how sparse your fridge.

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