Students love using innovative gadgets on their smartphone, we browsed around and found 7 awesome apps that we think you’ll like.

We also believe that students use these gadgets not only for entertainment but also for studying and for life hacks. Both Apple and Android provide various apps that can help you boost your study process and manage time.

We love apps as much as you do! So we browsed around and found…

7 awesome apps that we think you will like!

It’s coming up on your final week. You have a huge essay to finish … but then there’s Facebook and Buzzfeed and a whole internet worth of distractions trying to draw you away from your deadlines.

SelfControl lets you set a period of time to block selected websites or email services by adding them to your “blacklist”. It does have the drawback that if you get everything completed and submitted ahead of time, there’s nothing that you can do — restarting your computer or deleting the application won’t change it. However, this won’t be an issue if you have exams on the horizon.

  • 2. Studious

Ever have your phone go off in class because you forgot to turn it to silent? Avoid awkward interruptions and getting on your professor’s bad side by using Studious. Input your class schedule and Studious will silence your phone during those hours.

Getting out of the bed in the morning for an early class can be one of the hardest parts of being a student though these classes count just the same as the rest of them! Nicknamed the “world’s most annoying alarm”, Sleep If U Can gives you two options to turn off the alarm: You can either shake your phone vigorously or you can physically go the place shown on your screen and take a picture of it; for example, your kitchen sink.

Did your calculator get thrown out, lost or handed down once you moved on to uni? Use RealCalc for when your computing is more complicated than a simple multiply or divide — it’s a perfect alternative for those without a real calculator.

As a student, there’ll probably be a few times you’ll find yourself having to make do with what you have in your press. Select the type of dish you want, search by the ingredients you have in your cupboards (or whatever you feel like eating) and how long you’re willing to spend on it, and it will filter down the recipes for you. Great app, especially well if you’re a vegetarian, lactose intolerant or a coeliac: it’s easy to filter your preferences for your dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, low fat or no dairy.

Always trying to save that little bit extra where you can? Voucher Codes syncs all the discounts and gives you the latest exclusive deals from thousands of popular high street retailers. This app will save you money in so many of your regular shops, restaurants and businesses that you’ll get into the habit of checking it before you even leave the house.

One of the most important things to learn when you’re first responsible for your own finances is budgeting. This is a simple way to keep track of your expenses and check your budget for how much you have left to spend. It even comes with easy-to-follow graphs that show your budget and much cash you have left to spend.

This will make budgeting your student loan much easier.

What are your favourite apps? Which ones do you find particularly useful or fun? Please share with us in a comment!