Underwater basket weaving, the Simpsons on philosophy… Those weird courses that actually exist.

Obsessed with the Simpsons? Adore Harry Potter? Uniquely skilled at… weaving baskets underwater? Ok, probably not. Here are six of the most unusual university courses from around the world.

The Simpsons on philosophy

The most recent arrival to this wacky list is offered by the University of Glasgow who are running a one-day course on the virtues of Homer Simpson named “D’oh! The Simpsons Introduce Philosophy”. The course has attracted a huge amount of interest and is massively oversubscribed and who can blame them, they did predict a Trump presidency. D’oh!

Homer Simpson meme

Harry Potter

It might be hard to believe but countless amount of Harry Potter courses are offered to higher level students around the world every year. And it’s not just regional colleges trying to gain some publicity. Yale offers “Christian Theology and Harry Potter” while in the UK Durham University has seen a constant demand for “Harry Potter and the Age of Illusion” since early 2010. Think about it like this: If you have read the books already, then half the coursework is already complete. Efficient!

snape approves

Underwater basket weaving

Underwater basket weaving (or UBW for short) is a common phrase in the states representing something as being both painful and pointless. Which is why it’s hard to believe that at least two universities offer this course. If you are imagining jumping in to scuba gear and finally using the uni pool (like we did) then you may want to rethink. The process actually involves making baskets by dipping reeds into water and letting them soak… whatever that means.

Underwater basket weaving

The amazing world of bubbles

Yup, a whole course dedicated to our floaty friends. The California Institute of Technology offered this course back in 2006. Designed to appeal to scientists and engineers alike the courses whole lecture (should it bubble your interests) can be viewed here

amazing world of bubbles

The art of walking

This is one of those courses that you definitely can’t take online. Having been taught since 2002, Professor Ken Keffe has had full classes for years. And the walks aren’t just restricted to Center Colleges home of Kentucky. These students have walked through the UK and even the black forest in Germany.

gif art of walking

Demystifying the hipster

Who can tell anymore? Is it even possible to buy a bike with proper gears? Does it really sound better on vinyl? All these questions and more can be answered in “Tufts: Demystifying the Hipster” A course dedicated to analysing those who beard their overlapping social anxieties with…. well, a beard.