With summer 2016 shaping up to be one of the best in memory for sport we’ve put together some interesting facts you haven’t heard before.

Have you ever wondered how much an Olympic gold medal is actually worth? Or how many strawberries are really eaten at Wimbledon? Check out those interesting facts you probably didn’t know about!

  • Wimbledon sells 14 times the amount of strawberries of the population on Nauru.

Why Nauru? Well, Nauru is the Olympics smallest participating nation. Located in Micronesia, the tropical island has a population of just 10,084 and just one single competitor -Sled Dowabobo. At Wimbledon 2015 there was 140,000 portions of strawberries sold, hopefully they all went with cream…. all 10,000 litres of it.

  • It cost more to get to the Euros than an Olympic Gold medal

At London 2012 the medals were massive. So they must have been worth a bomb, right? Turns out the medals are mostly made up of silver, meaning the raw materials within the medal are estimated to be worth a measly £410. While, at the time of writing, flights to see England play Russia in Marseille are costing as much as £565.

  • The Tour de France is Longer than the distance ran by all the players in the Euros.

The total distance ran by players in the 2014 world cup was 2033 km. There are more matches and teams in the world cup than the Euros. The Tour de France is a whopping 3519km! This means that one man on a bike within 28 days covers more ground than the 552 players that ran in the world cup.

  • There are almost as many water bottles used at the Tour de France as there are Tennis balls at Wimbledon

Hard to imagine but teams at the Tour de France will use more than 42,000 water bottles throughout the Tour. This is almost as many tennis balls used at Wimbledon.

  • USA is the most successful football team at the Olympics (men and womens)

Not Brazil, Argentina or Spain, but USA! They have a total of 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze. Hungary are their closest competitors with 5 followed by the UK with 3.

  • When Portugal and Iceland meet in the Euros…

At the time of writing Cristiano Ronaldo has 43 million twitter followers. When Portugal and Iceland play each other in the Euros on the 14th June Iceland will have a total population of just over 323,000. Which means Cristiano Ronaldo’s twitter follower are 133 times bigger than Iceland.