6 suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions for Students to help you get on the right track and not mess up your student finances.

January is the time for making resolutions, and with another semester about to begin, still remembering all of the difficulties of last semester, students are no exception to this. So here are our 6 suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions for Students to help you get on the right track and won’t mess up your student finances.

1. Get more sleep:

Your brain needs sleep, and studying needs your brain. As tempting as it can be to stay up all night binge watching your favourite show, getting more sleep, and having a reliable sleep cycle means that you’ll have a lot more energy with your day. And that works for fun activities just as much as for your Uni work! Your student loan will also last a lot longer, when cutting down on late nights out, trips to the cinema and hangover cures. (Make sure to treat yourself every now and again though)

2. Plan more:

Uni is a time for procrastination for most people, who are experiencing both their first time with the most freedom they have, and relatively little responsibility, so many people get used to working on their assignments at the last minute. The unfortunate thing is that it ultimately is only you that this harms. Keep a to-do list, and work on assignments earlier. Not only will you perform better, but you’ll have learned more too, since you won’t be rushing. But this extends beyond just assignments. Being more organised will help save you time and stress elsewhere too, like making sure the housework is all done.

3. Get fit:

New Years resolutions for a lot of people mean signing up to a serious new diet trying to lose weight. But you don’t need to be slim to be healthy. Whatever your body type, exercise is a great way to give yourself more energy, and make yourself feel better. What’s important is not to make a resolution that is just “exercise more” as this can make it a lot harder to keep track, and easy to give yourself an excuse. Same as when budgeting your student finances, make sure to set yourself realistic targets, there is no point in attempting to run a marathon as a goal (unless you are regular runner of course), instead set yourself targets that will change your lifestyle and mindset. It could be as simple as taking the stairs and not the escalator for 1 month. From there try to build it out further and challenge yourself. Tip: Get your friends to join you, there is nothing better than a little competition to get you going.

4. Attend all of your lecturers, seminars and tutorials.

Just attending even if you are tired is better than not attending at all. While you may be able to catch up a little with help from lecture notes etc, you won’t have any opportunity to ask the lecturer to repeat something, or for any additional explanation on something you don’t understand.

5. Do housework:

The vast majority of arguments in shared student flat come from everyday housework (washing dishes being one of the worst offenders), and normally one person not doing their share. Considering making up a rota for housework, or perhaps just do your extra part to promote harmony in your house. It will be more than worth it in the long run!

6. Spend less/Budget more:

Again, perhaps an obvious one, but still an important one. While there are many places that you can get student discounts, the student lifestyle can still be very expensive. Make a budget- this is especially true if you’re not living on campus, where your heat and electricity are likely covered in the rent. Charging your phone and laptop while taking advantage of the heat in the library can be a great excuse to get some extra studying done! We all know that sometimes even the best budgeting can’t help you from running out of money, especially when you suddenly need to purchase a new laptop etc. In cases where parents, a part-time job or Student Finance can’t help, a student loan might be an option to bridge the gap. Visit our FAQ section for more information in regards to Future Finance student loans.

We wish you best of luck for 2015! If you need a little financial help we are here for you.